Welcome to Nore.ie – Kilkenny photography service. We take inspiration from the surroundings, culture and people of the City to provide a range of photography services to address marketing and personal requirement.

Cooperating with leading digital marketing specialist  Druid Marketing Solutions  We offer a range of services answer a complex solution develop your company requirements.  Outstanding and Unrivalled service unmatched by others for the complexity and assistance with individual approach leading to re-focus and configure an individual strategy for further trading success.

Private photography projects gain from exclusive assistance and original approach to any requirement. Portraits, Pets, Gardens, Family, Insurance, they are just a selection of photography service provided.

Digital photography lessons offer individuals or small groups and tailored to photography beginners, intermediates or advanced skill levels. The aim of the lessons is to provide a solid understanding of digital photography. We will address typical shooting scenarios and the best settings to use to improve your picture-taking with your photography equipment.